May numbers: Josh Hamilton on the corner

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- ESPN Stats & Information (contributions from Dan Braunstein, Dave Carabello, Andrew Davis, Katie Sharp, Mark Simon, Lee Singer, Zack Singer and Nate Jones), analyzed some of Josh Hamilton's solid May numbers and noticed he saw about 64 percent of pitches over the outer third of the plate or further outside in May, the highest percentage of any qualified hitter in the league. Some notes about that:

* He hit six home runs on those pitches on the outer corner or more outside. In April, Hamilton saw slightly fewer outside pitches (60 percent) and hit no home runs on the those pitches.

* Hamilton had a .385 batting average on those pitches in May and an .808 slugging percentage.

* Somewhat as a result of seeing so many outside pitches, Hamilton saw very few pitches over the middle of the plate horizontally (i.e.: pitches neither inside nor outside). Less than 14 percent of the pitches Hamilton saw in May were over the middle. That was down from more than 18 percent in April. Hamilton’s percentage of pitches seen over the middle of the plate was far lower than any hitter in the league in May.

The list:

Josh Hamilton: 13.7

Jay Bruce: 19.2

Mark Teixeira: 19.3

Chase Headley: 20.0

>>Min. 100 PA in May