Buzz: Meeting was happening win or lose

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington said as soon as Elvis Andrus didn't make the throw to first and instead started arguing with the umpire in the seventh inning of Saturday's 3-2 loss, that a team meeting was necessary. And the skipper said he was going to have that meeting even if Josh Hamilton had given the club the lead with his at-bat in the top of the ninth.

"I made my mind up I was going to talk to them, period," Washington said. "When Elvis didn’t finish that play, I knew right then it was time. When things are going wrong, that’s the way you react. You can’t leave it up to the umpires. It's a learning experience for him too."

Washington did most of the talking, though Michael Young, Ian Kinsler and outfield coach Gary Pettis also spoke up.

"The things we’ve been doing, it's just not us," Washington said. "We’re certainly better than that and we’ve got to get back to doing what we used to do. One thing we’ve done real well is when our pitchers put a ball in play, it’s an out. That’s it. I’m not asking for the outstanding play. Just make the play."

Washington said the meeting was to remind them of that and bring the club back to "reality."

"I’m not one of those that throws stuff and rants and raves and turns stuff over," Washington said. "I played the game. I understand what those guys are feeling when it’s good and I understand what they’re feeling when it’s not good."

Washington received a letter from a fan before the game. She tossed it into the dugout and Washington put it in his pocket and forgot about it. He opened it after the team meeting.

"I couldn't believe what she said, because I just said the same thing," Washington said. "It's funny how fans see the same thing. Some fans. I'm not going to say all fans because some fans see only what they want to see. Some fans don't see reality, but this lady has seen reality."

Other notes:

* OF Craig Gentry said he timed his jump at the wall well, but that next time he plans on playing it off better. He was ribbed by some teammates for smiling about it on the big screen instead of acting like he'd done that kind of thing before. Still, in a game full of defensive miscues, it was a bright spot.

* The Rangers don't expect Yorvit Torrealba to face any extended punishment except for a fine for his tantrum Saturday. Torrealba threw his catcher's mask, which makes it an equipment violation.