Who is Rangers' best hitting pitcher?

ARLINGTON, Texas -- As the Texas Rangers' pitching staff prepares for its last National League road trip, some discussion arose Saturday on who is the best hitting pitcher on the squad.

Matt Harrison, who starts Monday, gave the nod to Scott Feldman, while manager Ron Washington broke it down a little deeper. He said Feldman had the most power at the plate but Colby Lewis was the best overall situational hitter.

"It's kind of fun for pitchers to get a chance to swing the bat," Harrison said. "At the same time, we're able to work on some situational stuff."

Washington also noted Harrison is the best bunter of the bunch, and the lefty agreed.

"I can bunt, but that's about it," he said. "When it comes to swinging, I'm always finding a way to hit myself into a double play."

The pitchers took part in batting practice for the second straight day Saturday, but that wasn't all they practiced as they got some action running around the bases.

"They just want us to get the feel of what it's like to be on the bases when guys are swinging the bats," Harrison said. "We've got to read the balls off the bat, and just get used to it."

Alexi Ogando was placed on the disabled list after straining his groin at San Francisco on June 10, and Feldman admitted it's a different feeling being on the base paths.

"It feels kind of weird sometimes," Feldman said. "But if you're lucky enough to get on, you want to know what you're doing since we don't get to do it too often."

All that aside, Washington isn't worried about it.

"I don’t think the injury part of it is going to be too much of a big deal because they’ve been doing it for a while," Washington said. "If what I’m seeing in practice is any consolation, they’re certainly getting better. It’s important that they’re comfortable.”

And obviously, there are a few guys who are comfortable. But which one is the best hitter? I guess we will find out in San Diego.