Rangers talk Father's Day

ARLINGTON, Texas -- It's Father's Day, and for many Texas Rangers that means thinking about how important their dads are to them and how much they are appreciated. Some players will get to see their fathers this weekend, while others will have to settle for a phone call, but they all are looking forward to it.

Here's what a few players had to say about Father's Day and their dads:

  • “You call your dad first thing in the morning, and if you have a good game that’s even better. But I’m sure most of us won’t get to see our dads. My dad’s not going to be here. Just a phone call, let them know that we’re thinking about them, that’s what I’ll do. I appreciate him, especially in terms of what I do for a living. He’s a big part of why I fulfilled my dream and why I’m here today.” -- David Murphy

  • "(Father's Day) is close to me. My dad's my best friend. I kind of don't get to spend a whole lot of time with him lately, but it's a big day for me and I always try to get in touch with him and tell him what he means to me, what he's done for me and that I love him. He pushed me in everything, not just baseball. In everything I did he was behind me 100 percent. He made a big impact in my life and has given a lot to me. I already got his card out, but I've been working on a gift. I hadn't quite decided yet, but I'm going to give him something good, too." -- Mitch Moreland

  • "My dad's been a huge part of my life. I've looked up to him my whole life and I still go to him for advice. He means everything in the world to me. He put a bat in my hand and supported me the whole way. He played baseball, not professionally, but it was a big passion of his and it was always something we could do together. My family's coming down here, so I'll get to spend some time with him." -- Craig Gentry

  • "I started playing baseball because of my dad. (Father's Day) brings back a lot of memories from childhood: playing catch with my dad and the encouragement he gave me, not only to play baseball, but to do whatever I felt motivated to do. It's also become a lot more special now that I've become a father. Just being able to see my kids I now kind of know what he was going through when I was growing up. He's actually here. It'll be the first Father's Day we've spent together in I don't know how long. So it'll be special." -- Mike Adams

  • "(Father's Day) is a chance to take time and reflect on what your dad does for you. Especially now, being a dad, it even more so let's me know what he went through and how busy he was with me growing up. One of the fond memories I have is us going out and playing catch. It's just a day to get to catch up with him, see how he's doing. I'm sure he'll be looking forward to talking to me, too, to see how fatherhood's treating me. Fortunately I was able to see him in Baltimore when we were there. He was a huge part of why I wanted to become a baseball player." -- Joe Nathan

  • "Your father teaches you most stuff if you're a man. Whatever you need to learn about life, how to treat people and how to go about your business. When I was growing up, he took me to baseball games. He used to play softball. It's different in the Dominican because Father's Day is next month, so I don't think we'll do anything until then. I'll give him a call, tell him how much I appreciate him and what he does for me and probably give him a gift." -- Nelson Cruz