Where does Rangers Ballpark rank in MLB?

Does the view at Kauffman Stadium give it the edge over Rangers Ballpark? ESPN.com Illustration

Everyone loves a bracket, right? Well, the baseball folks at ESPN.com (led by Jim Caple) have put together a bracket of the top stadiums in baseball.

Would it surprise you to learn that Rangers Ballpark in Arlington was seeded in the lower third of the league?

The stadium gets a No. 21 seed, which means it has a tough opening-round draw against Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium, site of the All-Star Game next month. Caple's comment:

The Royals' 40-year-old and always underrated stadium gives you a view of the spectacular water fountains in center field. Arlington gives you a view of a few office windows. Big edge to Kauffman.

Ouch. The truth is, I'm a big fan of Kauffman and it's even better with the recent touch-ups. But I also think RBIA in underrated. Part of the disdain for some is the fact that it's so enclosed, providing none of the neat views of some of the newer parks. Of course, if you live in Texas, your biggest issue with the park is that it doesn't have a roof.

But I don't like RBIA's chances here. What do you think?