Buzz: Craig Gentry sore, but good to go

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Craig Genty is set to start in center field for today's game against the Colorado Rockies after his minor ankle injury last night.

Gentry rolled his ankle while trying to beat out a bunt in the fifth inning of Friday's game. The roll appeared severe, but Gentry returned on defense in the next half inning and didn't miss any playing time.

"It hurt, but it wasn't one of those things I couldn't play through," Gentry said. "I don't like to come out of the game."

Gentry said he took a couple of anti-inflamatories this morning. He said his ankle feels a little sore, but he is not worried about playing on it.

"It's nothing I can't handle," He said. "I woke up this morning and it was pretty stiff, but it will loosen up and be all right."


* Ron Washington said he will continue to stick with his lineup although some of his starters have struggled at the plate lately. He said he is not worried because he knows what his players are capable of and he is confident that they will play at a high level.

"When you start trying to make changes that sends panic, and we don't panic," Washington said. "I was a player and I know when I struggled I was hoping every day I showed up that the manager would continue to believe in me. Well, I believe in them. And that's why nothing has changed. We're going to win regardless."

* Mike Napoli is a prime example of a starter that has struggled recently. He has had three hits in his last 10 starts (two home runs). Napoli said he is still not totally comfortable at the plate.

"I'm hoping it's going to turn around," Napoli said. "I'm working at it and doing everything I can. It's just repetition and sticking to the plan. That's all I really can do, and hopefully it clicks for me."

* All-Star voting is this week for the Rangers. The players' ballots are due tomorrow and Ron Washington, who will be managing the AL team, will turn in his selections Saturday.

* Scott Feldman is in the bullpen and available to pitch. He was sent to the bullpen after Roy Oswalt was called up. Feldman is 1-6 with a 6.00 ERA through 42 IP.