Rangers' 22nd sellout breaks record

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Texas Rangers had their 22nd sellout crowd of the season Sunday, breaking the team record for sellouts in a single season. 45,407 Rangers fans were in attendance at the Ballpark in Arlington to watch the Rangers play the Colorado Rockies and break the previous record of 21 sellouts set in 1994.

The Rangers average attendance going into Sunday's game was 43,738, second only to the Philadelphia Phillies. The Rangers also reached 1.5 million in attendance 35 home games into the season, four games sooner than in 1994.

"It just shows what kind of support we’ve had all year," Mitch Moreland said. "The fans have been great, been there for us the whole time and it’s a lot of fun playing in front of them and winning games for them."

Rangers fan support this season has not been limited to Arlington. In a phenomenon that some old Rangers fans may have thought they'd never see happen, fans around the country want to see the Rangers play ball.

"It's starting to spread throughout the league now," Michael Young said. "We were in San Diego and I was playing first and a guy got on first and I asked, 'Is this a standard crowd for you guys?' He said, 'No, this is a big crowd. They came to see you guys.' He asked me what our place was like. I told him we have 45,000 every night."

There's a certain team that wears a blue star on its helmet just down the street from the Ballpark that prides itself on being "America's Team." But the numbers say that there could be a new America's Team in the metroplex.

"It's awesome," Young said. "We are becoming the envy of other teams and the teams that come in here to play us know they have a lot to deal with. It's not just playing a good team in hot weather, but dealing with a hostile crowd and a pro-Ranger environment. It's definitely a big home-field advantage for us."

Ticket availability for the next series against the Detroit Tigers is 8,700 for Monday, 7,300 for Tuesday and 6,600 for Wednesday.