What's your Rangers prediction for July?

Since July is just starting (Texas has played just one game this month), let's predict how the Rangers will do this month. If you're curious, I went back and looked at what I thought they'd do this month before the season even started and predicted a 13-10 mark. (Click here to see how awful I did in my June prediction ... I thought Rangers would go .500).

The club has 11 remaining home games this month, including three this weekend against the Twins, three vs. Boston, three vs. the White Sox and the first two of a four-game set with the Angels. They play 11 road games, including three at Chicago, three at Seattle, two at Oakland and three in Anaheim.

So give us your record for the Rangers, broken down by series if you like, keeping in mind that you're actually predicting 22 games since they already played July 1.