Yu Darvish humbled, happy to be All-Star

I thought it was telling that Yu Darvish admitted that when he looked at the list of AL Final Vote candidates, he didn't think he was the most qualified to make the All-Star team.

"Do I still think I'm worthy or not?," Darvish said through interpreter Joe Furukawa to reporters in Chicago. "Personally, I voted for Peavy."

And there it is. Throughout this process, even before his name was listed as a Final Vote participant, Darvish has maintained that there are other pitchers more worthy. It's a fair argument. But Darvish's 10 wins as a rookie also put him into the conversation as well. Now, he's going to Kansas City as the eighth member of the Rangers because fans put him there.

"I feel very good," Darvish said. "I know the way I got selected was vote by the fans, so I appreciate all the fans who voted for me. So I'm looking forward to it."

So how does Darvish plan to act around all of these All-Stars?

"Some of the players I've already seen and met," Darvish said. "I don't know where I stand amongst the team. I think I just want to stay quiet, stay out of the way of the players, not be a burden to them. I'll have Matt Harrison act as my older brother. I'll just hide behind him all day."

Darvish is selling his own ability short, of course. But you have to like his attitude. He's humble and understands that despite years of pitching in Japan, he's still a rookie in the big leagues. It's that kind of approach that has made him a hit with his teammates. I'm sure others that are around him at the All-Star Game will feel the same way.