Nolan Ryan: Yu Darvish must establish fastball

Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan weighs in on Roy Oswalt's unwillingness to pitch, Yu Darvish's inconsistency and more.

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On Darvish's fastball command:

"He has a good fastball. He can do a lot of things with a baseball, but he needs to get ahead with his fastball, establish his fastball and work off his other stuff," Ryan said of Darvish. "Once he gets into a rhytym, as we've seen in so many games that he's pitched, he really gets into a rhythm and is very effective.

"The key for him is the first inning or two just go out and establish his fastball and throw strikes, and I think he'll be fine."

On Oswalt's future:

"Roy's been very effective out of the bullpen. I'm not going to go on record and say I think he's one of our bullpen or relievers, but under this circumstance he's been very effective there. If Ron and Mike feel that's where we need the most help, I can see him staying in that role. If they feel they need him in the starting rotation, I would say that's a possibility.

"As far as where Roy's mind is as far as being in the bullpen and not wanting to pitch out of the bullpen, if that's how he feels about it today that'll have to be addressed."