Nelson Cruz: No excuse for drop; back feels better

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas Rangers right fielder Nelson Cruz thought he had a chance to get to Austin Jackson's fly ball in the seventh. So as he sprinted over toward the line, he lunged toward it. But the ball bounced past him and all the way to the wall, allowing the speedy Jackson to scamper all the way around the bases for an inside-the-park home run.

"As soon as he hit it, I thought it was good, but as soon as I went to dive, I was like, 'Dang,' because the ball sinked a little bit," Cruz said. "So I guess it wasn't a good idea."

Cruz tweaked his lower back in the process and after throwing the ball in, was clutching it a bit. A few batters later, he had more issues in right field as he trotted in and got under a shallow fly ball from Miguel Cabrera. The ball hit Cruz's glove and dropped for a two-base error. Cruz did not blame his balky back for the mistake.

"I felt like I closed my eyes," Cruz said. "I don't have an excuse. I should catch that ball. I guess I was out of focus."

Cruz said he got a massage and his back has loosened up and felt better even before he left the park. He hopes to play Saturday.