Baserunning missteps cost Rangers

NEW YORK -- The Texas Rangers are known for their aggressive baserunning.

But, as left fielder David Murphy noted, “Sometimes it works out for us. Sometimes it doesn’t.”

In Monday night’s 8-2 loss to the New York Yankees, it didn’t, as both Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus were picked off by starter David Phelps.

“You don’t like to get guys picked off the base, but it happened,” manager Ron Washington said. “We just were trying to make something happen, and they picked us off. Yesterday, (our aggressive baserunning) was all beautiful. When you run the bases, that’s what happens.”

Kinsler was picked off at first to end the second inning, while Andrus was picked off at second with two on and one out, essentially ending what could’ve been a big frame in the third.

“I was trying to steal,” Andrus said. “He was giving me one look, two looks and I was ready. He just didn’t do what he was supposed to do, then did a pretty good job with the inside move.

“It’s not a good feeling for sure, especially in that situation. I was a little too aggressive, but I’m learning from that.”

Said Murphy: “I guess in the situation where Kinsler got picked off, it’s a runner on first base, I mean you might be able to say no harm done there. But the situation with Nelson [Cruz] at the plate and first and second, you’d like to see how that situation turned out instead of getting picked off at second.”