Stats: How Ryan Dempster beat Baltimore

Zachary Singer of ESPN Stats & Information compiled some statistics off Ryan Dempster's impressive start against the Baltimore Orioles. Here's a look:

* Dempster had his longest outing with the Rangers, throwing 111 pitches. Dempster's higher pitch count led to him throwing more sliders, a total of 41, the most he has thrown in his last eight starts. Dempster recorded nine outs with his slider, without giving up a hit.

* Only two of the 41 sliders Dempster threw were hit in the air (two fly balls, no line drives). That's a big improvement for Dempster, who had 19 sliders hit in the air in his first three starts with the Rangers.

* Dempster threw only 46.8 percent of his pitches in the strike zone, but still got the win. And 25 of the 41 sliders he threw were outside the strike zone. It's just the third time in nine games this year where Dempster has thrown fewer than half his pitches in the strike zone and gotten the win.

* Dempster had just two sliders hit in the air, his lowest total since becoming a Ranger. Here's the breakdown of the pitch in terms of how many have been hit in the air in his four Texas starts:

Monday: 2

Aug. 13: 7

Aug. 7: 4

Aug. 2: 8