Buzz: Elvis Andrus puts play in his top 5

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Elvis Andrus smiled when asked where his highight-reel, backhand jump-throwout in Monday's win over the Baltimore Orioles ranks on his all-time list.

"It's top five," Andrus said. "It was fun."

Andrus said he took an initial step toward the hole even before Manny Machado hit the ball to Andrus' right. The shortstop backhanded it in the outfield grass and then jumped up, turned and threw the ball across the diamond to Mitch Moreland at first base. It prevented the leadoff batter from getting on base in the inning.

Pitcher Ryan Dempster put his arm in the air and yelled at Andrus after the play. Adrian Beltre clapped inside his glove as Andrus turned in his direction following the play.

"He said he's bored of seeing that," Andrus said, laughing.

Andrus said had he not anticipated, even before Machado took a swing, that it could be going toward the hole, he wouldn't have made the play.

"The key point is I started to go that way," Andrus said. "That gave me the momentum to get to the ball and then I just kept going, turned and threw it over there. I knew I couldn't stop and try to make a throw. I wouldn't do that unless the runner was really slow. I'd have to really know that I have time to do that. Whenever there's a guy that can run, I do it this way. I learned how to do that and I feel more comfortable jumping and I feel like I make a better throw doing that."

Manager Ron Washington was impressed by the play but said he didn't look at the videoboard on top of the Home Run Porch.

"I saw it in real time," Washington said. "I think it's a top-10 play. But for me, it was No. 1 because if that guy gets on the bag, you don't know what that inning turns into. It was a rhythmic play. If he had to take one more step before he jumped up, he wouldn't have gotten him. He got there on time, everything worked out perfectly."

Other notes:

* Outfield coach Gary Pettis was out in right field Tuesday with Mike Olt working on a few things, including charging balls and reacting to them. The Rangers want to make Olt as versatile as possible. Third base is his natural position, but he can play first and has played just a little right field.

* Washington said had the Rangers scored an additional run in the eighth, Joe Nathan would not have pitched Monday. But even though it was a four-run lead and not a save situation, Washington wanted Nathan to close the game down. "A four-run lead, with that team, with how they've been able to come back, my mind is I want to let them know the comeback is over, don't even think about it," Washington said. "But if you're going to do it, you'll have to do it against him."

* Koji Uehara is scheduled to throw one inning Tuesday in a rehab assignment in Triple-A Round Rock. He's slated to throw again on Friday and, if all goes well, could return to the Rangers on Sunday.