Ian Kinsler is Rangers' 'on' switch

ARLINGTON, Texas -- We can debate the merits of the trickle-down economic system. But it seems clear there's a huge upside to the trickle-down offensive system.

And for that to pay dividends for everyone, the guy at the very top has to set the tone and provide the spark to get the rest of the lineup going.

"This offense works when Ian Kinsler is getting on base consistently," Texas Rangers hitting coach Scott Coolbaugh said. "It starts at the top. When he finds a way to get on and create pressure on the bases, good things happen. It gets everyone rolling."

That's just the way it is. When Kinsler is playing his game and feeling good at the plate, it seems like his teammates follow. When he isn't, they seem to struggle to get going.

Kinsler understands his importance to the lineup. He doesn't look at it as any added pressure, but he knows if he can make something happen, especially early in the game, the entire offense flows better.

Perhaps it's good timing for the Rangers that Kinsler is doing that now.

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