Numbers: How Ryan Dempster beat Cleveland

ESPN Stats & Information (thanks to: Dan Braunstein, Jason McCallum, Katie Sharp, Mike Veneziano, John Zoni and Nate Jones) put together some numbers on how Ryan Dempster performed so well against the Cleveland Indians on Friday. Here's a look:

* Dempster held the Indians to 0-for-8 with four strikeouts in at-bats ending with his slider.

* The Indians struggled to make good contact, fouling off 51 percent of their swings against Dempster; it's the first time this season an opponent has fouled off at least half of its swings against Dempster.

* Nine of 13 balls in play against Dempster (69 percent) were grounders, his second-highest percentage of the season.

* Dempster started 14-of-23 hitters 0-1 and retired 13 of them, allowing only a walk.