Keith Law talks Jurickson Profar's impact

ESPN.com's Keith Law has a blog post about eight of the key September callups where he talks about what they can do now and in the future. If you want to read Law's entire post, you can do so here (Insider). But here's what he says about Jurickson Profar's future:

Profar's future is more tied to what the Rangers do with Andrus than to his own abilities, which are advanced enough (hitting, defense and patience, in particular) that he could play in the majors every day in 2013. Long-term, he's a superstar and someone who could make a run at Mike Trout for MVP awards, but he might not play until Andrus is traded or another opening appears.

Again, you can read about all eight players and the rest of what Law has to say on Profar here.