Cowboys fan Mike Adams holds bullpen bragging rights

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For the time being, the Rangers’ setup man has bragging rights over the closer.

Mike Adams, a big Cowboys fan, thoroughly enjoyed the manner in which the Dallas Cowboys started the NFL season Wednesday night. Joe Nathan, a big New York Giants fan, will have to bide his time until the rematch.

The Rangers' game against Kansas City ended in time for the players to watch the end of Cowboys-Giants from the clubhouse at Kauffman Stadium. Adams was delighted and relieved to see quarterback Tony Romo complete the third-down pass to Kevin Ogletree that sealed the deal.

“I’m putting it behind me, plain and simple,” Nathan said Thursday with a slight chuckle. “I’m moving on to Game No. 2. ”

Nathan, the New Yorker who was introduced to Giants football when Phil Simms was the quarterback, felt the warm glow of the Giants’ Super Bowl victory all last winter. Adams, meanwhile, was in a “wait 'til next year” mode and now he’s particularly enthused about the Cowboys’ 2012 prospects after what happened in their road opener.

“I needed that one for a lot of reasons,” Adams said. “Not only Joe, but (Rangers general manager) Jon Daniels is a big Giants’ fan. I heard about it during the whole off-season. I sent him a little text last night.”

Adams would love nothing more than to experience a Rangers’ World Series title in October and then see the Cowboys claim a Super Bowl win in February.

“That would be the perfect year for me,” Adams said.