Nolan Ryan: We're really excited about Jurickson Profar

Rangers president Nolan Ryan dishes on Jurickson Profar's playing time, the team's lead in the AL West, potential playoff rotation and more.

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On Jurickson Profar's playing time:

When we set the roster of who we were going to expand it to and that Profar was going to come up ... I think it was pretty well understood that Ron (Washington) was going to work him in where he could and use him as the games dictated and so I think he felt like that's what the game plan was and I think he has pretty much stuck to it.

We are really excited about Profar. We know what we think the potential player he's going to be and that he brings a level of energy and excitement to the game and so we're aware of that and we look forward to seeing him more in a Texas Rangers uniform, but I think Ron will pick his spots and play him where he thinks is appropriate.

On Ian Kinsler's struggles

Well I think it's because we've had a stretch here of a few games where he hasn't maybe played his best baseball and everybody's wanting to see Profar get in the game. I think that it's probably magnified the situation but you have to realize it's a 162-games, it's a long haul and if somebody has a three-day period where maybe they're not on top of their game it seems to magnify that but that's the way I view it.