Adrian Beltre talks his way into lineup

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Ron Washington is one of the game's best managers because he understands what makes his players tick.

That's why he didn't answer his cell phone any of the times Adrian Beltre called Thursday afternoon. He knew the veteran third baseman would attempt to talk his way into the lineup.

He was right.

About 4:20 p.m., Beltre shooed me and two Japanese reporters out of the manager's office and shut the door behind us.

Two minutes later, he emerged.

As bench coach Jackie Moore entered Washington's office, the manager asked him to get Jurickson Profar, so he could be informed that he wasn't playing.

As Profar, wearing gray batting gloves and holding a black bat, stood in front of the manager's desk, Washington said with a chuckle, "Beltre threatened me, so I'm taking you out of the lineup so he can DH. I'm going to get you in there Friday and Saturday because I want you to get a couple of games back-to-back."

As Profar headed back to the batting cage, Moore smiled at Washington.

"I knew he was going to talk his way into the lineup," he said.

Washington laughed.

"That's why I had a second lineup card written out," the manager said.