It's good to see Colby Lewis stay in Texas

ARLINGTON, Texas -- After what Colby Lewis did for this team the past 2 1/2 seasons, it was difficult to imagine he'd work so hard to rehab his arm and return, only to do it in another uniform.

Now we don't have to worry about that. Lewis signed a contract extension with the club for 2013 that will pay him $2 million in base salary with the chance to earn another $4 million in incentives. It's not the kind of deal he would have received from someone -- perhaps Texas or another club -- if he had hit the open market healthy. Lewis was in position to rightfully make a hefty raise and get a multi-year deal before a torn flexor tendon in his elbow ended his season.

But Lewis knows all about overcoming challenges, and he's taking this as just another one. He had surgery and is close to beginning to build arm strength as he enters a new phase of rehab. It won't be easy, but Lewis is ready to make the slow and steady progress necessary to get back on a mound at some point next season.

This deal certainly makes sense for the Rangers. They know, better than anyone, about Lewis' toughness. He's pitched through a hip issue and doesn't complain. He worked hard in Japan to find his command again and when given the chance to get back to the majors, he took advantage of it. He's gritty and leads by example. That's a guy you want on your team and in the clubhouse. This new deal means he'll be there at least through next year. And that's a good thing for everyone.