Olney: Yu Darvish is critical playoff player

ARLINGTON, Texas -- ESPN.com's Buster Olney went through each team currently in playoff position and listed the "most important player" for those teams.

It's not surprising that he came up with Yu Darvish for the Rangers. I agree. If Darvish pitches like an ace in October, it gives the Rangers a tremendous advantage. Darvish hasn't looked intimidated by the pennant chase and is showing the stuff that had scouts raving about him before Texas signed him in January.

If Darvish can match up against the top pitchers from the Rangers' playoff opponents (or maybe not even the top pitcher depending on how the opposition's rotation shakes out based on wild-card games, etc.), it sets the Rangers up for a good series.

You can read the rest of Olney's impact players here. (Insider)