Josh Hamilton can be worth headache

ARLINGTON, Texas -- If you let it, Josh Hamilton's drama will distract you from his 43 home runs and 124 RBIs this season.

If you let him, Hamilton will make you forget the Texas Rangers' lineup looks and performs considerably different when he's hitting third than when he's out of the lineup for whatever reason.

Yes, Hamilton's occasional drama can be maddening, because it's always something.

Last week, he missed the last five games and five innings of one of the season's most important road trips with a mysterious ailment that began as a sinus infection and wound up being something diagnosed as ocular keratitis (a condition that dries the cornea and is often the result of too much caffeine) after a litany of tests and meetings with doctors.


Now, the Rangers' center fielder can relax. Hamilton has his eye drops and his peace of mind just in time for the start of the playoffs.

Anyone who's followed his career in Texas -- no matter how briefly -- knows how important that is to Hamilton.

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