Joe Nathan still likes wild-card format

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas Rangers closer Joe Nathan knows a thing or two about win-or-go-home games right after the regular season. He played in two while in Minnesota, losing one and winning another. He's now 1-2 in those games after the Rangers lost 5-1 to the Baltimore Orioles on Friday in the AL wild-card game.

"It's a tough game," Nathan said. "We all came in knowing you don't want to be a part of it. If anybody knows that, it's me. I've been a part of two Game 163s and anytime you play a sudden death, you just don't know. Anything can happen in those games."

Despite the loss, Nathan says he likes the current system and the idea of the wild card teams facing each other in that kind of situation.

"I still like the setup," Nathan said. "The one thing that will change, I'm pretty sure, next year is starting at the team with the best record, starting at their place. As far as the one-game setup, it gives that disadvantage to the wild card teams, which you need. I feel like the other format, we make the playoffs as a wild card there's no disadvantage. You're going in the same as the team with the best record in baseball. So I like this format. I think it's exciting. You just don't want to be a part of this. So win the division."