GM Jon Daniels: Everyone shares blame

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Speaking to the media for the first time since the Texas Rangers collapsed at the end of the season, falling to the Baltimore Orioles in the AL wild-card game, general manager Jon Daniels said the blame doesn't fall on one player or coach.

"Disappointing finish, I think, is a pretty clear way to put it," Daniels said. "Everybody involved feels that way. From the standpoint of looking back and trying to identify what happened or why it happened, I don't know that we have any one reason or answer. We've always had a culture of accountability here, so it's on all of us, starting with myself and my group.

"But there's no one decision, no one move, no one player, no on staff member that it falls on. I think there are a number of factors involved. We had a very good year, but not the finish we wanted and not the finish that we hold ourselves to from the standard that we've established here."

Daniels said the front office and coaching staff has taken a few days over the weekend to gather their thoughts and will have some meetings this week before really sitting down as more of a group next week to hash out the offseason and begin to formulate plans for how to assemble the club for 2013.

"We're just getting started now," Daniels said. "We're not going to have resolution on things or fully lay out our plans. That's the nature of the way the season ended before we anticipated that it should."

Daniels said no decision has been reached on the coaching staff and that's something manager Ron Washington, Daniels and his group will get into soon as the process of moving on to next year begins.

"We've had a heck of a four-year run here, making the playoffs the last three years," Daniels said. "We've had close to 300 wins over that period, counting the postseason. (We've had) a ton of firsts, a ton of accomplishments, a lot of things we're very proud of. That doesn't take away from the sting of how it finished, but that's the reality. We've got something here we're extremely proud of and we'll continue to build off that. We want to turn this four-year run into a 10-year run, a 15-year run, a 20-year run and create that standard long term. I think we owe our ownership that. I think we owe our fans that."