Skipper knows hitting coach likes versatility

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington has preached versatility for his offense since he arrived as the skipper prior to the 2007 season. And that's one of the biggest reasons he likes the hire of Dave Magadan as hitting coach.

"I’ve known Dave for a long time," Washington said. "One thing I like about him is his discipline. I preach doing what the game asks you to do, and Dave is a perfect example of that. (You) create runs however you can. I want an offense that can score runs in how it's presented to them."

Washington also noted that Magadan has a tendency to "bring out the best of what the personnel has to offer." That will be a big part of his job, too.

But while Washington talks constantly about pitching and defense, he also stresses an offense that does the little things. That includes scoring a runner from third with less than two outs and making productive outs. He wants a team that does what is asked in each situation, and Magadan's job will be to help with that.

Washington knows that Magadan has done that in Boston and he knows what kind of player Magadan was. Washington was a coach in Oakland while Magadan was a player for two years there.