Crystal ball: Who wins World Series?

Game 1 of the World Series is finally here and for the first time since 2009, it doesn't include the Texas Rangers. But that doesn't have to stop us from predicting a winner, does it?

Justin Verlander goes out for Game 1 in the hopes of getting the Detroit Tigers an early lead and taking homefield away from the San Francisco Giants, at least momentarily.

But these Giants have already won six straight elimination games, so even if they fall behind in the series or things don't look like they are going in their favor, don't count them out.

Still, I'm taking the Tigers in six games. I do think it may take the bats a little time to get going because of the long layoff Detroit had while waiting for the NLCS to finish, but they'll come around and the starting pitching of the Tigers should hold the Giants down long enough to get the title. We'll see.

So who are you picking? Give us your prediction, how many games and why.