Offseason choices loom this week

Now that the World Series is over (in a quick, four-game sweep), teams officially get down to the business of the offseason and preparation for the 2013 season, which a little more than five months away.

That means the Rangers must make decisions on club options and qualifying offers this week. They don't really have any club options that require a lot of thought. Scott Feldman has a $9.25 million club option for 2013 that certainly won't be picked up, meaning he'll get a $600,000 buyout.

They've got some more choices on qualifying offers. Under the CBA, the amount for the offers are set at $13.3 million. The Rangers are expected to offer Josh Hamilton that deal (slightly below his $13.75 million salary from 2012) and he's expected to decline as he seeks a multi-year deal. It's a formality, but one that insures the Rangers get something -- a supplemental first-round pick (between the first and second rounds) in the June 2013 draft -- if Hamilton signs elsewhere.

But what about catcher Mike Napoli? Do you offer him the same deal? It's possible. Of course, Napoli could also decide to take that deal and hope that a better 2013 leads to a multi-year deal in the future. So the Rangers have to decide if they're willing to pay Napoli $13.3 million in 2013 if he takes the offer. If he doesn't, the club would get another draft pick.

Texas has until 4 p.m. central time on Friday to make the offers and the players have until the following Friday afternoon (Nov. 9) to decide.

By rule, the Rangers could also make offers to other free agents, like Mike Adams and Koji Uehara, but at $13.3 million, that doesn't make much sense. But not making offers doesn't mean the club can't sign those players. It simply means they won't get compensation in the form of a draft pick if they leave.

What would you do about Napoli? Would you offer the $13.3 million?