Bowden: Josh Hamilton's best fit is Texas

ESPN.com's Jim Bowden put together a post (insider) on the best fits for the big-name free agents. You'll have to get an insider account to read all of it, but he says that Josh Hamilton's best fit is with the Texas Rangers. Part of Bowden's thinking:

I won’t be surprised if Hamilton’s best offer comes from a surprise team like the Seattle Mariners, Baltimore Orioles or Milwaukee Brewers. But I think the best fit for Hamilton remains the Rangers. They are the most familiar with Hamilton and all the issues that come with him. They have a strong support team in place for him and are willing to give him a competitive average annual value.

Bowden goes on to say that three years won't get it done, but that he'd be "shocked" if the Rangers don't go to a fourth or a fifth year. I'll be shocked if they go five years and, frankly, surprised if they give him four years guaranteed. I think it's even stretch that they'd do it as a vesting option, but we'll see. I could see three years guaranteed and a vesting option for a fourth year. But that's just a guess on my part. Those are the kinds of things that become fluid during negotiations.