Why Milwaukee is a fit for Josh Hamilton

When listing the possible destinations for Josh Hamilton if he leaves Texas, the Milwaukee Brewers usually appear somewhere on that list. ESPN.com's Christina Kahrl agrees and lists four reasons why the Brewers make sense. I'll pick out one that I think is very important:

Milwaukee is a place where Hamilton could thrive. Face it, Hamilton is going to get his share of media attention just because we vultures in the Fourth Estate know he's news. If he breathes, opines, succeeds or fails, he's going to get attention. And given his past issues with addiction, he isn't exactly going to be every team's idea of a hero in cleats.

But in Milwaukee, the focus will be on baseball while playing in front of a friendly fan base, and he'll get the benefit of playing in a media market where the ink-stained lifers tend to be supportive. And he'll be joining a team where he won't be the primary focus of attention -- Ryan Braun already owns that job.

Most importantly, the Brewers are an organization with plenty of experience in dealing with players who need a bit of extra consideration. Hitting coach Johnny Narron was Hamilton's off-field “accountability partner” for five years before taking his job with the Brewers in 2012. They don't just have somebody to help Hamilton on and off the field, they have perhaps the guy. And when it comes to handling media access for a player who might need special attention, the Brewers have their recent work with Zack Greinke to lean on.

That last part is key. Johnny Narron being in Milwaukee is a huge draw. And it gives the Brewers a real advantage in terms of doing their homework on Hamilton. Few know Hamilton better than Narron. For Hamilton, a support system is critical. He can put one together anywhere, but having a familiar face like Narron would have to give him some extra comfort.

Karhl lists other reasons Milwaukee makes sense: The lineup needs a left-handed power bat and it's time for the Brewers to "invest in winning now." Check out the entire story here. Keep an eye on the Brewers this offseason and see if they make a run at Hamilton.