Who is Mike Moye?

You aren't likely to see Josh Hamilton walking around any hotels in Nashville, Tenn., next week for MLB's winter meetings. But his agent, Mike Moye, will be there. Moye may not be well known to many, but he's very important for Hamilton's future and he's a guy Hamilton and his wife, Katie, trust.

ESPN.com's Jerry Crasnick did a nice job of piecing together who Moye is in this story. Part of it:

While Scott Boras is guaranteed to hold a media session at the winter meetings in Nashville next week to wax eloquent on the merits of Michael Bourn and Rafael Soriano, Moye will do the legwork for this winter's most prominent commodity out of the limelight. Even if he appears in the hallways en route to a meeting, a lot of people carrying notebooks and digital recorders won't recognize him.

After more than 25 years in the business, Moye prefers it this way. It's one of the enduring lessons he learned from his professional mentor, the late Robert Fraley.

"We're not the stars," Moye says. "Our clients are the stars, and it's in their best interests for us to stay in the background and treat them the way an attorney is supposed to treat clients in the legal industry -- with extreme confidentiality. It's not a Josh issue. It's a firm policy."

Get to know a little more about Moye here.