Meeting leftovers: Impact of ballpark changes?

Editor's note: A few leftover things from the Winter Meetings will be on the blog the next few days as we clean out the notebook.

No one will know for sure whether the alterations to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington reduce the number of home runs hit until the season actually begins. But CEO Nolan Ryan doesn't believe it will change much.

The club is opening up part of the enclosure behind the plate -- called the Capital One Club -- so that air can get through rather than being blocked and sent back out to right field.

"Do I really think it will impact the flight of the ball? No, I don't," Ryan said Wednesday. "What I'm hoping it will impact is that we'll get more of a breeze in that lower bowl for the comfort of our fans. But I don't think it's going to be substantially big enough that we're going to have a 'wow' factor where all of a sudden it's affected the flight of the ball because I don't think it's a big enough area."

The alterations to the Capital One Club were done to give fans a more open feel as they walk in and to change the club a bit and update it.

We talked about this a bit in late October. You can read that here.