Jon Daniels talks about Michael Young deal

Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels talked with local media in a conference call on Sunday and explained the Michael Young trade.

Daniels said the decision was not an easy one.

"This was a difficult decision, for myself and for Ron and for all members of our organization because of what Michael has meant to our organization and community, both on and off the field,” Daniels said. “He is one of the most accomplished players in the history of the franchise and a big part over the past few years of the best teams in the history of the franchise.”

The Rangers explained to Young a few months ago that his at-bats in 2013 would likely be more limited than they were in 2012 just because of the direction of the club (likely making Jurickson Profar a regular, etc.). They put together the Philadelphia package and then informed Young, who had a decision to make because of his 10-5 rights, which gives him a no-trade clause.

“The opportunity for him to play third base in Philadelphia was more than we could promise here,” Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said. “As the Phillies pushed for Michael and we got comfortable with the return, we presented the option to Michael and his family for them to make the decision.”

Young decided Saturday to accept the deal and play third base in Philadelphia.

"This is a very, very tough situation, with Michael being with the Rangers for 12 years," manager Ron Washington said. "It's something that we sorely will miss. We tried to do whatever we could to make it a good situation for Michael. If there was crying in baseball, i'd certainly cry. I wish him well."

Daniels said the club has talked about moving Ian Kinsler to first base, but added "we haven't made that call yet."