Would you trade Jurickson Profar in package for James Shields?

We pose this question because Kansas City dealt one of the top prospects in baseball in Wil Myers as part of a package to get James Shields and Wade Davis from Tampa Bay in a six-player trade on Sunday night.

Myers may not quite be up to Profar's level in the baseball world, but he's awfully close. So any package that the Rangers could put together to try to match what the Royals' were offering would likely have to include Jurickson Profar. That's a player, as we all know, that the Rangers have been hesitant to part with in any deal.

I posed this question to ESPN.com's Keith Law and David Schoenfield: Give me a package from the Rangers for Shields and Davis that is the same -- or as close to it -- as what the Royals offered.

Schoenfield: Profar and Myers aren’t EXACTLY equal, since Profar is the consensus No. 1 prospect in baseball and plays an up-the-middle position but most people do have Myers ranked as a top-five overall prospect.

So you’d be looking at something like Profar, Cody Buckel (sort of equal to Odorizzi as both profile as back-of-the rotation starters, although Odorizzi is closer to the majors) and maybe somebody like Neil Ramirez, a one-time top prospect who faded a bit in 2012.

Law: It would have to begin with Profar. The Rangers otherwise can't match the Myers portion of the deal. But I wouldn't trade him for two years of Shields.

I'm with Law on this one. I love Shields and this is a great pickup for the Royals (he would have been nice for the Rangers' rotation, no doubt). But as high as everyone is on Profar, that's the kind of chip that gets traded for a David Price-type in my mind. And if the Royals were dangling Myers, I bet a package with Mike Olt and/or Martin Perez wouldn't have swayed them enough. That's just speculation on my part.

OK. Your turn. Would you trade Profar to get Shields or is that price too high?