Michael Young talks relationship with fans, front office

DALLAS -- Newest Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Michael Young thanked coaches, teammates and fans in a news conference in Dallas today. He also talked about the fact that he had "no relationship" with the front office the past few years.

"I can't say there's a relationship there or a good relationship there. Well, no there's no relationship there, but that's fine with me," Young said, talking publicly for the first time since waiving his no-trade clause last week and accepting a trade to Philadelphia. "My relationship is with the guys in uniform and what they've meant to me."

Young did thank the fans for cheering him on for 12 years. He said when he and his wife, Cristina, left their Los Angeles apartment to go to Texas early in his career, they never thought they'd end up staying.

"We love it here in large part because of the people we get to be around," Young said. "Just a massive ‘thank you’ to the fans here from me and my family for everything they’ve given us. It was my pleasure and my honor to go out there and play ball for them on a daily basis.”

As for management, Young said he hadn't spoken with them since the trade, though Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels plan on reaching out to Young.

His frosty rapport with the staff stems in large part to what happened two years ago when Adrian Beltre signed a free-agent contract. Young and management struggled to communicate clearly and Young's name came up in trade discussions that offseason. Daniels even admitted at the winter meetings last week he'd learned some lessons from that and declined to talk about Young's status with the club to the media, other than to say that it was a "possibility" that Young's role could be reduced.

"No doubt I plan to give him a shout," Daniels said Monday. "It's true we don't have much of a relationship anymore. We did until two winters ago, and as I've said before, I regret that. We addressed that last offseason and had a professional relationship this year. None of that played into our decision (to trade him)."

Daniels said Young asked the club earlier this offseason to deal directly with his agent.

"I wanted to give it a few days, given everything involved (before talking to Young)," Daniels said. "This was a baseball trade. He's meant a lot to the organization and community and I wish him and his family well."

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