Zack Greinke favored Texas at one point

Zack Greinke told the assembled media in Los Angeles on Tuesday that his choice came down to the Los Angeles Dodgers and Texas Rangers. This is from ESPNLA.com’s Mark Saxon, who covers the Dodgers. They made the six-year, $147 million contract official on Tuesday as they introduced Greinke.

"At one point, I was favoring Texas, but that changed there at the end," Greinke said.

What changed?

"Just the negotiations, I guess."

The money?

"It's what it gets to at the end," Greinke said.

Greinke told the media that he had a list of 10 criteria and that the Dodgers were high in nine of those (highest salary and spacious ballpark were on that list). The one that they didn’t grade high was proximity to Greinke’s Florida home.

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