Want a splash? Trade for Giancarlo Stanton

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels didn't want to raise fan expectations about the rest of the offseason late Thursday afternoon, after he and the club found out Josh Hamilton was heading to the Los Angeles Angels.

"There are players still out there that are intriguing to us that we are going to pursue," Daniels said. "Do I expect us to make a huge splash? At this point, I don’t know. I want to manage expectations on that front for our fans."

But there are still ways the club could make a splash. One possibility? Giancarlo Stanton.

That name popped up in the Twitterverse late Thursday, when this appeared on MLBTradeRumors.com:

The Marlins could reverse their stance on trading Giancarlo Stanton, opines MLB.com's Joe Frisaro, if the Rangers are desperate to add another big bat and were willing to offer Jurickson Profar or Mike Olt in a deal.

We broached the topic of Stanton shortly after the Toronto Blue Jays and Miami Marlins made their blockbuster deal in mid November. I've got to think that any deal for the young outfielder must start with Profar. And as I said then, there are special situations when you consider dealing Profar (in a trade for a top-flight pitcher like David Price or Felix Hernandez...just throwing out names) or for a player like Stanton.

Now that Hamilton is gone, the Rangers must try to replace some of that production. Stanton batted .290 with 37 homers and 86 RBIs in 449 at-bats. He had 34 homers and 87 RBIs in 2011 (with a .260 average). No, those are Hamilton numbers. But they sure are close. And Stanton is under club control for the next four seasons.

The Marlins would be wise to build around Stanton, but he's not happy with the direction of the club (not a surprise). Perhaps Mike Olt interests the Marlins enough that you could build up a package with him, Martin Perez and/or Cody Buckel and others. Maybe. But it's likely the conversation really couldn't get going without Profar. It would give Miami a player back that is under club control for a long time and just starting his career.

The Rangers' front office won't panic. That's not how they operate.

"One thing we don’t want to do is settle," Daniels said. "What we don’t believe in is just going down the checklist until you get a guy, that’s not us."

But you can bet Stanton's name would be near the top of any trade list involving big-time bats. The Rangers need one of those. They have the farm system to overwhelm somebody. Is now the time to do that with Stanton?

I would call Miami and see if a conversation could get started. To me, Stanton is the type of player that is worth dangling Profar in a package. But that's just me. (And to answer a few of your questions, no I would not have traded him to get James Shields. Profar is worth more than that.) Stanton sure would look good in the middle of the Rangers lineup.

Would you trade Profar to get a player like Stanton?