GM says he understands fans' frustration

ARLINGTON, Texas – Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels stressed Thursday that his team won’t panic just because things haven’t gone the way the club hoped so far this offseason. He said he understands the frustrations of the fans.

"I share it. I’ve been frustrated at points too," Daniels said. "We set out a plan that could have gone a lot of different directions with a few external pieces we were focused on. One thing we don’t want to do is settle. What we don’t believe in is just going down the checklist until you get a guy. That’s not us.”

Daniels said the club will continue to find ways to improve the team, keeping in mind what it can do to help the organization in the short-term, while keeping the winning window open as long as possible. So far, they’ve seen some top targets go elsewhere. Zack Greinke is with the Los Angeles Dodgers. James Shields was traded to Kansas City. Justin Upton may not be going anywhere. And now Hamilton is an Angel.

"There were a few guys who were clearly above the line for us and unless we can add one of those guys, it may still be possible, I’d rather go with our own guys and believe in the chemistry and makeup and talent on this club,” Daniels said. “The pennant is not won today. It’s not won on opening day. It’s not won on July 31, but all throughout those different deadlines and periods are chances to get better whether internally and externally."