Schoenfield's power rankings: Texas at No. 9

ESPN.com's David Schoenfield, in his Sweet Spot blog, goes through his power rankings (as they stand now) for each MLB team. He puts the Texas Rangers at No. 9. Here's what he says about Texas:

I think the rotation is playoff-caliber with Yu Darvish, Matt Harrison, Derek Holland, Alexi Ogando, Martin Perez and Colby Lewis.

The eight teams in front of the Rangers:

1. Washington Nationals

2. Cincinnati Reds

3. New York Yankees

4. Detroit Tigers

5. Atlanta Braves

6. Toronto Blue Jays

7. Oakland A's

8. Los Angeles Dodgers

The rest of the AL West:

12. Los Angeles Angels

21. Seattle Mariners

30. Houston Astros

Schoenfield has comments for each team, so be sure and check the entire list out here.

I'm OK with this list. Honestly, I believe the Rangers are a better team than the A's. I know that may sound crazy since the A's caught Texas at the end of the 2012 season and the Rangers have lost Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli, among others, this offseason. But things came together just right for the A's last year, and I wonder if all of that young pitching can repeat what it did last season -- not to mention if the offense can score enough runs consistently. Perhaps they'll prove me wrong.

But because of what's happened this offseason, the Rangers won't be considered quite the favorites that they were going into last season. But this is still a team with good pitching and a deep lineup. If Texas goes a bit under the radar, perhaps that's only a good things for the Rangers. It's still a playoff-caliber team, folks. And the offseason isn't over yet.