Jason Frasor: 'I'm a fastball guy'

Newest Texas Ranger reliever Jason Frasor was asked to scout himself on Thursday. He made it clear that everything starts with his fastball.

"I’m a fastball guy," Frasor said. "That’s my strength. I stick with it. I’m a 92 to 94 mph. I locate the fastball."

Frasor joked that if he was feeling particularly good he could touch 95. But it's all about location for Frasor, who has learned how to move that fastball and get ahead in counts.

"My best off-speed pitch is my changeup," Frasor said. "I’m not a big breaking ball guy. I’ll go weeks at a time without throwing a breaking ball. My slider is not a put-away slider. It's something I can get in for a strike."

Frasor also said he doesn't back down from hitters.

"I’m pretty aggressive in the zone and I like to think I go after guys," Frasor said. "If you locate your fastball, things should be fine. I’m a firm believer in locating that fastball."

Frasor had his highest strikeout-per-nine-innings (10.9) of his career in 2012. Right-handed batters hit just .245 against him with 35 strikeouts in 98 at-bats. Frasor allowed seven of his 22 walks to right-handed batters, compared to 15 against lefties (who had just 66 at-bats against him last season).