Law: Elvis Andrus 10th in under-25 rankings

ESPN.com's Keith Law ranks the top-25 players in the big leagues that are under the age of 25. That includes Elvis Andrus, who earned the 10th spot. Here's part of what Law says about Andrus:

I think Andrus' bat has another leap in it, one that will put his average in the low .300s and bring his OBP to a point where he'd help just about any club at the top of the lineup -- which club's lineup he'll top is, of course, the operative question.

Law also thinks Andrus will command big bucks when he's a free agent thanks in part to the scarcity at the shortstop position. Andrus has two more seasons before he's a free agent.

You'll have to be an insider to read the rest of Law's comments. You can check out his entire list here, headed by Mike Trout, of course. BTW, Neftali Feliz "just missed" his top-25.