Dave Magadan impressed with Leonys Martin, Jurickson Profar

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas Rangers hitting coach Dave Magadan got a chance to work with Jurickson Profar for the first time Wednesday and came away impressed with the maturity of his 19-year-old pupil.

"When I think back when I was 19 and position he’s in, it’s very hard to relate to," Magadan said. "He’s very mature for his age, especially for a guy who had to adapt to a different culture and all that."

Magadan worked with Profar in the batting cages as part of a hitting camp this week in Arlington, giving the new coach a chance to see some of his hitters up close.

“He’s as advertised," Magadan said about Profar. "Always has a smile on his face, very open, not that I’m coming here

changing guys, just little things you say to guys you feel can make them a little more consistent he’s open to. He’s 19 years old, loves

being out here, if you let him, he’ll hit for two hours in the cage. A lot of energy, a lot of positive energy, and that’s a good thing."

Magadan also sees plenty of potential in the 24-year-old Leonys Martin, but the hitting coach didn't want to compare him to Jacoby Ellsbury despite the fact that some scouts see Martin as having the potential to be in that mold.

“I’d hate to label him and let’s let him be what he is and if he turns out like Jacoby, that’d be nice," Magadan said. "But he’s got not a lot of experience in pro ball and the experience that he’s gotten, he’s done really well. So let’s just let him grow at his own pace and I’d hate to put a label on him and that kind of pressure on him, especially for a guy in another country and he’s got a lot more things on his plate.

"Obviously, he's is talented and the ceiling is limitless on him. So we’ll let him go at his pace and whatever we can to make him better

and he’s definitely a lot like Jacoby in the way he’s very coachable, very open, he’s got that personality where he’s very approachable, those are all good things."