Law's minor league rankings: Rangers No. 9

ESPN Insider Keith Law has unveiled his minor league organizational rankings today and the Rangers are No. 9. You may remember that the Rangers earned the top spot in 2010 and 2011 before Kansas City got the No. 1 position last year. This year, it's the St. Louis Cardinals on top.

Law, though, was complimentary of the Rangers' farm system, noting that Jurickson Profar is "arguably the top prospect in baseball" and that the club has others in Law's top 100, which will be revealed this week. Part of what Law says about the Rangers (you'll have to be an insider to read the whole thing):

Their international spending spree had to end under the new CBA, but many of the fruits of those efforts are just now reaching full-season leagues, setting the Rangers up well to maintain their contender status for several more years.

It's worth pointing out that Texas moved up to No. 9 after earning a No. 12 ranking last year. The fact that the Rangers continue to promote some of their minor-league players, thus taking them "out of the system" when it comes to rankings, or they have traded some to improve the big league team, shows the club is doing a good job of building depth on the farm.

The AL West:

4. Houston Astros

8. Seattle Mariners

9. Texas Rangers

22. Oakland A's

30. Los Angeles Angels

Yes, the Angels ranked last. Part of that was trading prospects for Greinke from a farm system that was thin already. Re-stocking that minor-league system will need to become a priority for the Angels.

Again, you can read the entire story here (insider).