Surprise Six: Derek Holland getting serious

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- A look at six things that went on in Surprise today, in case you missed it.

1. Derek Holland is taking on a more serious tone this season. That's not to say he still won't do impersonations (he did one of Tim Kurkjian today), but he's focused more on what he has to do on and off the field. As pitching coach Mike Maddux put it, it's focusing on all five days of his rotation, not just a day or two during that stretch. I think Holland is the tipping point in this rotation.

2. Elvis Andrus arrived at camp and discussed his contract situation. He said he's simply focused on preparing for the season.

3. Julio Borbon is out of options and has one last chance to show what he's got.

4. Mike Maddux talked about the bullpen favorites and how things look at spring starts.

5. Why is Jason Frasor jealous of Joe Nathan?

6. Our fifth-starter candidate blog series continues with a look at Martin Perez.