McClellan suffers setback

SURPRISE, Ariz.-- Kyle McClellan, who has been sidelined for nearly a week with shoulder soreness, suffered a setback when his bullpen session was shut down Sunday morning before he completed warm-ups.

McClellan, who is a candidate for the Texas Rangers' fifth starter slot, said he felt the same soreness in his shoulder after just a few pitches. The 6-foot-2 righthander was unavailable for both of the Rangers' prior spring training games but thought his season debut was near.

"I'd be lying if I said I'm not frustrated," McClellan said. "I think it is something we thought would possibly happen. I felt great a week and a half ago, and I reached that point where I was stretched out. Everybody seems to think once we get it (the muscle) built back up I should be in the clear. So we're just waiting to see what happens."

McClellan, who could fill a role in long relief if he is not named the fifth starter, said the plan is to take things day by day, meaning he might not throw on Monday or for a few days if the soreness continues. Despite the setback, McClellan is not worried about anything serious going on with his shoulder.

"You know pain and you know if it's something structural, but this is just one of the muscles," McClellan said. "I can put my finger right on it and feel it.

"A week and a half ago, I felt ready," he continued. "That's why I'm not worried. We have a long spring but if it's two weeks from now and it's the same thing, then yes, I'm going to get a little worried.

"I wish I could stand here today and talk about pitching in a game but I'm just not ready to do that yet."