Pick 1: Jurickson Profar vs. Mike Olt

Editor's Note: You choose the player that will have the better year of the two featured in this blog series. Sometimes it may seem like an easy exercise and other times it may be more difficult. ESPN.com fantasy expert Eric Karabell will weigh in with the player he thinks will have a better fantasy year.

Today's Pick 1: Jurickson Profar or Mike Olt

Remember, this is about picking which player will have the best 2013 season. It's not about choosing the one with the higher ceiling or the one that might have the best career.

With that in mind, I'm taking Olt. I still think Profar ends up starting the season in Triple-A Round Rock and I've got no issues with that. He's got a total of 33 at-bats above Double-A (all in the big leagues last September) and a few months of minor-league action won't hurt him. Of course, we don't know how long he might be there. If he hits well and there's a need at the big league level, he could end up shoving his way into the lineup sooner rather than later. If not, he'll just continue to get seasoning. We know he'll be playing with the Rangers at some point in 2013.

Olt, I think, is different. He plays the corner infield positions and is learning right field (he played out there some in the final few innings of Thursday's game). He could be a bat off the bench and fill in at various spots when needed. And depending on what happens when MLB finishes its investigation into anti-aging clinic in Miami that was also apparently selling performance-enhancing drugs, Olt could get more time in right field if Nelson Cruz isn't available. We'll have to wait and see.

Olt has the bat and versatility to help this team now. And at this time, while it's beneficial that both players get as many at-bats as they can, I'll take Olt because I think there could be more of a need and spot for him on this club than there is Profar.

Karabell's thoughts:

With no guarantees that either of these promising players wins Opening Day roles, I have to take the player with the higher fantasy upside. It's Profar, and quite easily. He's a middle infielder with pop and speed and he looks like he's ready, not on the level of a Mike Trout, to certainly be an immediate impact player. Profar recently turned 20 years old, but what does that even mean anymore after what Trout and Bryce Harper accomplished? It wouldn't surprise me if Profar reaches double digits in both home runs and stolen bases for the Rangers in 2013, and does so even if, like Trout in 2012, he spends April in the minor leagues. He's that talented, and the middle infield spots in fantasy these days are not blessed with depth.

Olt has upside as well, but from a fantasy sense, a corner infielder with power -- and it's far from assured he'd hit more than 20 home runs given 500 at-bats -- isn't all that uncommon. I think Olt has a better shot to make the Rangers in April, perhaps pushing Mitch Moreland aside or facing the lefties Lance Berkman should never face, but he just wouldn't be all that valuable. Profar's the pick for sure.

Ok. Your turn. Who has the better 2013 (at the major-league level): Jurickson Profar or Mike Olt?