Wash: Leonys Martin can be an everyday guy

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington joined Fitzsimmons and Durrett on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM to discuss a variety of topics surrounding the team. Among the topics they discussed Friday:

Center field and whether Leonys Martin could seize the job full time:

Both he and Craig Gentry are still battling. I definitely see Martin’s future as an everyday guy out there in center field, and so far down here in spring training he’s been doing everything, playing defense, throwing to the right bag, running the bases, hitting; it certainly has been refreshing to finally get a chance to see what this kid can do other than what people have been telling me he can do. Right now we haven’t made a decision on who will get that job, but right now both of them are doing extremely well.

Will Lance Berkman see time at first base this spring?

Yes, that will happen soon. It may be by the time we get back off of this next road trip.

Biggest difference for Yu Darvish in his second season:

Relaxation. Understanding what’s expected of him, mainly understanding what’s expected of himself, rather than what other people are expecting of him. He knows the routine that we go through now, he’s been through it one time and he’s come in and he has a different look in his eyes. He’s more relaxed, he’s just going about his business, going through the process of just trying to make certain that he’s ready when the opening bell rings.

Where will Jurickson Profar start the season?

Well, the factors that are involved in whether he starts here in the major leagues this season is gonna be what’s best for Jurickson and what’s best for the Texas Rangers. … Whether he makes this team or not I think it just depends on what happens before spring is over as far as us acquiring someone or what’s best for Profar; if that is to be here then we’ll all get together and decide that, and if that’s to go to Triple we’ll all get together and decide that. … Nothing has been decided yet.