Web Gem: Ian Kinsler earns Wash's salute

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Ian Kinsler is streaking at the plate, with hits in seven straight games. He also made the Rangers Web Gem of the Week on Tuesday night.

Kinsler went behind second base on a ground ball in the seventh inning of Tuesday's 10-6 victory and made a long throw to narrowly beat White Sox outfielder Alex Rios as he touched first base.

Kinsler's web gem drew a salute from Rangers manager Ron Washington from the dugout.

"It was a very sharp play," Washington said. "He made it as perfectly as you can make it. That's when I saluted him, because it was perfect. That was the only way he could do it, catch it and get rid of it and whatever happens, happens."

Typically, Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus, with his tremendous range, would have made the play, Kinsler said. But Andrus had fouled a ball off his calf earlier in the game. Andrus said that he was having trouble moving to his left as the game went on Tuesday night.

"It was funny, before that play he told me, 'Make sure that I get everything up the middle,'" Kinsler said. "So I went at it a little more aggressively than I normally do thinking that he normally has that ball. It turned out good."