Ogando shows Rangers he wants to win

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Emotion or no emotion, the Texas Rangers need Alexi Ogando to pitch like a front-end-of-the-rotation guy if they want to make a fourth consecutive postseason appearance.

Ogando produced results in Saturday's 5-1 victory over Boston. He pitched into the seventh inning, allowing one run on six hits. It wasn't an easy outing -- after the first inning he dealt with base runners the rest of his start. But Ogando got himself in and out of trouble, one major part of winning as a starting pitcher.

"Whenever you go out there, you go out there to win," Ogando said. "But you don't have control over everything. You need support from your hitters and you have to pitch really well. Today everything came together."

Rangers manager Ron Washington let it slip this week that he's wondered at times exactly what's inside the mind of Ogando. Does he care? The 29-year old from the Dominican Republic doesn't show emotion often.

Ogando showed an emotional side after giving a two-run home run to Justin Morneau in his start last Sunday at Minnesota. It turned a 1-0 game into a 3-0 deficit.

"In Minnesota, when he gave up that game, I finally saw some emotion in him," Washington said. "Now I realized he wanted it bad."

Remember, Washington has been Ogando's manager for three-plus seasons now. That flash of emotion could be a defining moment.

"It's OK," Washington said. "In some ways that shows people you care. Because he's so stoic. He acts like nothing bothers him. So it was nice to see something bother him."