Nolan Ryan OK with Darvish's 130 pitches

Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan was on Galloway & Company on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM on Monday and was asked about pitch counts, in light of Yu Darvish's 130-pitch outing against the Detroit Tigers last Thursday.

Ryan, who preached to Rangers pitchers to have a tougher mentality when he joined the club as team president in 2008, said he didn't have a problem with manager Ron Washington asking Darvish to pitch the eighth inning with 115 pitches and a 10-4 lead:

"The way I look at that, and no I'm not critical of it, if there was an opportunity to let Yu throw an extra inning and throw 130 pitches, it was probably a good time to do it. And my thought on it is he's capable. He's shown that he can throw deeper in the game, he and [Derek] Holland have shown that they have the potential to do that versus some of our other starters.

"I also believe that under the circumstances, when it's cool, it's earlier in the year and he's building up his stamina, I don't see a problem with it. And really with Yu I don't see it because he's a feel pitcher. He's not a grinder. He's not an over-thrower. He has a feel for the baseball. He has a delivery that's consistent. So there's so many things there that entitle him and enable him to do that so I don't worry about it.

"Now if we were in August and we were in a tough stretch and he's compiled quite a few innings then I might look at it differently because of the deficit effect that it would have on him. But this early in the year and with the weather like it is I don't see it being strenuous or jeopardizing him."